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Gift voucher - Chimney cake

Book a room directly on the hotel´s website and get a Chimney cake at the famous Good Food. Coffee & Bakery!
Choose a voucher for Chimney cake during the reservation process. Terms & Conditions.

"Trdelník" (Chimney cake) is a very popular sweet pastry. It is made from rolled dough, grilled and then topped with sugar and walnut mix.

Good Food - logo
Good Food, Coffee & Bakery came up with a modern version of Chimney cakes with unique flavours and fillings. This unique approach is becoming very popular among Prague visitors.

Pick up your own Chimney cake on the way from the hotel Páv to the Charles bridge. Good Food, Coffee & Bakery, located at Karlova street 8, Prague 1 (close to the Charles bridge). Open daily 10 AM - 11 PM. This is the shortest way to Karlova street (next to the Charles bridge). Enjoy!

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