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Experiences in the center of Prague

U Fleků | Hotel Páv Praha

Brewery and Restaurant U Fleků

Visit the unique brewery and restaurant U Fleků, whose history dates back to 1499. Today, it is one of the few breweries that has been brewing beer continuously for more than 500 years. Here you can enjoy old and classical Czech cuisine. You can also taste 13° Flekovský lager. 

1 minute     22 m

Café Louvre | Hotel Páv Praha

Cafe Louvre

Experience the atmosphere of a classic grand café with a rich history and visit the Cafe Louvre almost around the corner from the Hotel Páv. The atmosphere of this café is written by history itself. The café was first opened in 1902 and its guests have included important personalities such as Albert Einstein, Karel Čapek, Franz Kafka and many others. It still maintains its unique atmosphere today. Here you can enjoy not only delicious coffee and sweet desserts, but also traditional Czech specialties. 

6 minutes     500 m

Náplavka | Hotel Páv Praha


A walk along the river will take you to Rašín Embankment, one of the most socially active spaces on the banks of the Vltava River. You can also stop by the "dungeons", which are spaces wedged into the wall of the embankment that were originally used to store sailing materials. Today, they are stylishly renovated glass-enclosed spaces with striking large circular windows that act as revolving pivot doors and houses modern bars and galleries. You can also visit the opposite bank of the Smíchov Embankment, which is easily reached by local ferry or on foot over the railway bridge. The Smíchov Embankment offers a beautiful view of the opposite Vyšehrad.

17 minutes    1,3 km

Reduta Jazz Club | Hotel Páv Praha

Reduta Jazz Club

You can enjoy a pleasant evening full of quality jazz music at the Reduta Jazz Club, which is located just a few steps from the Páv Hotel. The club has been visited by many famous Czech and foreign personalities, including Václav Havel, Madeleine Albright, and Bill Clinton, who also performed here. Since its foundation, the club has been considered the main center of jazz in the Czech Republic. You can also enjoy a varied selection of wines, including the delicious Cuvée Reduta, or you can get draft beer directly from the golden saxophone. Live concerts are here every day and tickets can be conveniently purchased online at the club's website or on-site at the jazz club.

7 minutes     500 m

Kavárna Slavia | Hotel Páv Praha

Cafe Slavia

For a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or a delicious coffee, we recommend to visit the Slavie café, which is located just a few steps away from the Páv hotel. The café is set in a beautiful glass-enclosed space overlooking the river and Prague Castle. During the last century, Slavia was considered the epicentre of Czech culture. The writers Karel and Josef Čapek, Arnošt Lustig, art theorists Karel Teige and Václav Černý,  poets Vítězslav Nezval and Jaroslav Seifert, painters Jan Zrzavý and Václav Špála and journalist Ferdinand Peroutka regularly met here. Even Hillary Clinton visited the café.

7 minutes    550 m

Vyšehrad | Hotel Páv Praha


Would you like to enjoy nature in Prague and see an interesting historical monument at the same time? If you like long walks, take a walk along the river to Vyšehrad. Right at Vyšehrad, you can see many interesting historical monuments in the beautiful nature of Vyšehrad Park. You can sit here with a coffee at the Bystru Café, or enjoy the beautiful view of Prague Castle with a beer in the casual Na Hradbách pub.

25 minutes   2 km

U Pinkasů | Hotel Páv Praha

Restaurant U Pinkasů

Those who like beer will appreciate the restaurant U Pinkasů, which is also located just a few steps from the Atlantic Hotel. It was the first restaurant in Prague, where Plzeňský Prazdroj was tapped in 1843. The restaurant offers a uniquely distinctive atmosphere and the beer is tapped traditionally from stainless steel tanks. In addition to top-quality beer, you can also enjoy traditional old Bohemian delicacies.  

11 minutes     850 m

Františkánská zahrada | Hotel Páv Praha

Franciscan Gardens

Even in the very center of the city, you can find a small oasis of peace in the courtyard of the Franciscan Garden. They are located between Jungmann Square and Vodičkova Street near Wenceslas Square, a few steps from Hotel Páv. The garden offers many benches and is surrounded by nature. Children can play here on the children's playground, and adults can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The dominant feature of this garden is the adjacent Church Panna Marie Sněžná with the Ambit gallery, where exhibitions of Czech and foreign artists are held regularly.

10 minutes     800 m

Muzeum fantastických iluzí | Hotel Páv Praha

Museum of Fantastic Illusions

Just a few steps away from the Páv Hotel, you can visit Pavel Kožíšek's House of Fantastic Illusions and take home a lot of funny photos to remember. There are more than 150 exhibits in the form of optical illusions and large-format trick paintings. The fun is suitable for the whole family. The museum is located in the Mouse Gallery and is open every day.

11 minutes     850 m 

Novoměstská radnice | Hotel Páv Praha

New Town Hall 

You can enjoy the view of Prague's towers from the tower of the New Town Hall, which previously served as a fire station for New Town. Today, you can enjoy views of Prague from the 70 m tower. The exhibition also includes a gallery in the tower, which hosts short-term exhibitions. However, the tower is usually closed during the winter months (mostly from December to March), it is advisable to check the current information before visiting.

6 minutes    500 m

Madame Tussauds | Hotel Páv Praha

Madame Tussauds

Near the Old Town Square, you can also visit a branch of the well-known Madame Tussauds concept and take home photos of your favorite celebrity. In the museum, you can see realistic historical figures, well-known personalities, and contemporary celebrities. Tickets can be easily purchased online.

15 minutes     1,2 km

Hamleys | Hotel Páv Praha

The Playground

You can also have fun at the Playground. Under one roof you will find lots of fun toys for children and attractions such as the Venetian carousel, mirror maze, virtual reality, and laser game. On the lower floor, you can  find the subtropical world of butterflies in the Papilonia butterfly house and take home photos of beautiful butterflies. 

14 minutes     1,1 km

Jazz Dock | Hotel Páv Praha

Jazz Dock

If you like music, you can visit the Jazz Dock Club, a few minutes away, which is situated right on the Vltava River on the other side of the river. The music club is located in a glass space right on the Vltava River. You can enjoy jazz and other genres such as funk, soul, blues, or world music. You can see the actual program here.

15 minutes    1,2 km

Muzeum Franze Kafky | Hotel Páv Praha

Kafka Museum

You can also visit the Kafka Museum on the banks of the Vltava River. The museum is located in the unique space of the Herget Brickworks and introduces visitors to Kafka's life and work. There are also first editions of Kafka's works, diaries, manuscripts, photographs, and drawings. The entire exhibition is highlighted by an audiovisual program and music created exclusively for this purpose. You can visit the museum individually or book a guided tour.  

22 minutes     1,7 km

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